Rudy Fehr


Rudy has been in the trades since the age of 15. He has developed a passion for serving customers with the highest quality work possible. After moving to Vancouver in 1978 he started a painting company which included minor repairs to buildings. Seventeen years later Rudy found that he wanted a change from painting and was more interested in repairs.  In 1997, an opportunity arose to do more repair focused work for stratas and Rudy Fehr Repairs Ltd. was established in 1999.

After many years of providing quality repair services throughout the lower mainland, Rudy found his niche in the strata market. The majority of this time was spent working for stratas. As a result, the company name change to Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. was the next step to identify what the company is about.

Rudy’s vast knowledge of the trades has enabled Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. to serve stratas on many problem solving issues, issues that could only be reconciled through experience and innovation.

Tyler Fehr


Being the son of a repair contractor, Tyler grew up working with tools and started full time work with the company in September 2008. Along with hands on experience, Tyler has brought many additional abilities to the company. He has developed the technological side of Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. and is contributing to the expansion of the business. Tyler takes care of managing our crews as well as job scheduling and quoting.


Marie Fehr

Jennifer Nickel

Crew Leaders:

Steve Nickel

Chris Setchay

Eric Rogers

Helmut Boschmann

John Unger

Crew Assistants:

Johnny Nickel

Greg Levitsky


We work together with a variety of subcontractors to complete larger jobs in the following trades:

Tiling, electrical, plumbing, paving stones, vinyl decking, flooring installation, fencing installation, gutter work, larger renovations etc.