The following is a list of services and repairs that we have been providing throughout the lower mainland since 1978. We have Liability Insurance , Disability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation. Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. consists of five crews and has a payroll of nine employees. Should you require further information, please call 604-618-5376. Thank you in advance for considering Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd.

Below is a condensed list of our capabilities. Please feel free to call if you have a job that is not on this list.

Ÿ Decks & Stairs – remove rotten/damaged wood and reconstruct
Ÿ Fascia, Wood Trim & Siding – replace or repair
Ÿ Fences & Gates – replace or repair damaged areas (wood & chain link)
Ÿ Railings & Handrails – interior/exterior (wood and custom aluminum)
Ÿ Trash Bin Enclosures – install trash bin guides (deflectors), bumpers and repairs to enclosures

Ÿ Walls – open concrete and inject crystalline concrete waterproofing system
Ÿ Settling Cracks (patio and walkway slabs) – rout out, then inject sealant
Ÿ Tripping Hazards – scarifying
 Concrete and Masonry Work

Ÿ Doors, Frames, Handles & Closers – adjust, repair and replace
Ÿ Security – astragals, polycarbonate sheets over problem areas and security grills
Ÿ Weather Stripping & Door Sweeps – installation
 Protection – stainless steel plates and deflection systems to lengthen life of door (ex. Garbage bin damage)

Ÿ Repairs to Walls & Ceilings – access cuts, water ingress damage, vandalism, finish to paint ready or complete  painting
Ÿ Ceilings – retexturing (blending into all varieties of texture, due to repairs), replace suspended T-bar and tiles
Ÿ Service Access Panels – installation
Ÿ Painting – due to repairs, matching to existing colours

Ÿ Light Fixtures – install/replace/repair
Ÿ Receptacles & Switches – replace
Ÿ Lights – replace bulbs, halogens, exterior lamp standards, fire exit
Ÿ Fluorescent – replace ballasts, tubes, covers, or entire fixtures
Ÿ Baseboard Heaters – anchor, replace
Ÿ Booster Fans – install, replace

Ÿ Target Cleaning & Unclogging
Ÿ Repairs to Gutter Systems
Ÿ Rerouting Drainage
Ÿ Altering Slope of Gutters
Ÿ Installing Leaf Guards
Ÿ Downspouts and Drainage Tie-ins

Ÿ Supply -
CMC or Riopel 
Ÿ Repairs
– minor repairs and upgrades
Ÿ Installation -
 pedestal, recessed, wall mount and custom 
Ÿ Security Cages - 
Canada Post Approved custom, powder coated, double door, solid wall high security mail protection

Ÿ Interior/Exterior – colour matches, touch ups

Plumbing (minor):
Ÿ Faucets – replace unit
Ÿ Hose Bib/Wall Hydrant (exterior) – replace

Water Ingress:
Ÿ Sourcing Out Leaks – using moisture meters, camera snake and experience
Ÿ Repairs to Affected Areas – carpentry, drywall, painting
Ÿ Mildew – removal/retardant
Ÿ Parkade Ceiling Leaks – installation of custom sheet metal catch pans
Ÿ Parkade Wall Leaks – channel out crack in concrete and insert crystalline concrete waterproofing system
Ÿ Prevention – temporary harnessing and diversion of water ingress
Ÿ Sealants – variety of high grade sealants
Ÿ Membrane Applications – variety of high grade membranes

Ÿ Adjustments
Ÿ Handles and Hinges - replacement
Ÿ Miter Joints – seal
Ÿ Skylights – secure, seal
Ÿ Window Returns & Sills – repairs

New Buildings:
Ÿ Warranty Issues – maintenance as indicated in building envelope reports
Ÿ Signs – installation
Ÿ Furniture – securing furniture
 Convex Mirrors – installation
 Traffic Calming – speed bump installation

Ÿ Bird Blocking – wire mesh and bird spikes
Ÿ Lock Boxes – installation
Ÿ Storage Lockers – Repairs and Installation
Ÿ Roof Tiles & Shingles – repairs/replacement
Ÿ Soffits – secure and replace
 Height Restriction Bar – installation and repair